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This event is about Agile Leadership and Management 3.0 Practises.
The goal of Agile Leadership and Management 3.0 is to help you grow and transform organizations into becoming great places to work. The event is created to share ideas and experiences from innovative organizations with modern management and leadership practices.
In this workshop, you will get an insight into how to manage the system, not the people. This is not only relevant for managers, but for everyone who is concerned about their organization.

Agenda (1.5h):

  • Presentation about Agile Leadership and Management 3.0
  • Growth Structure: How to scale an organisation
  • Management 3.0 Practice: Meddlers Game (Growth Structure Exercise)
  • Discussion and exchange of experience
  • Continue of discussion at nearby Izakaya

Workshop Details


Scale an Organization the Agile Way by Stefan Nüsperling

In this workshop you will learn how to grow business in an agile way, with a simple card game called „Meddlers“, developed by Jurgen Appelo, the founder of Management 3.0.
The exercise allows players to visualize and discuss organizational structure, in a way that matches the concept of value networks.

The Meddlers game teaches you:

  • How to work with multiple products and product owners
  • How to be agile in a geographically distributed team
  • How to adapt organization structures to agile management
  • How to grow an organization structure like a fractal
  • How to balance specialization and generalization
  • How to choose between functional teams and cross-functional teams
  • How to deal with dependencies among teams
  • How to treat teams as value units as a part of a value network

About the Presenter

Stefan Nüsperling

Stefan is an IT professional who was a Project Manager before encountering Agile Methodologies and recently Management 3.0. He is keen on introducing Management 3.0 as well as Agile Leadership to Japanese companies and believes that it will make their employees happier, the businesses more efficient and customers more satisfied. Stefan is the only certified Management 3.0 facilitator in Japan, a licensed Scrum Master and the founder of NüWorks.

Target Audience

Everyone who wants to change his organization into becoming more Agile as well as all people who enjoy discussion & socializing by playing games.
Management 3.0 is aimed at leaders and knowledge workers who are trying to be more agile and lean in their approach to management. This event typically draw a mix of team leaders, development managers, IT directors, agile coaches, HR managers, project managers, scrum masters, product owners, and creative workers.

About Management 3.0

"The research is clear: happy workers are more productive workers.“ says the founder of Management 3.0, Jurgen Appelo.
Management 3.0 is a revolution in modern management, currently happening in 80 countries and redefining the definition of leadership with management as a responsibility of the group. It is the future of management, which is all about doing the right thing for your team, involving everyone in improving the system and fostering employee engagement.
Learn more about Management 3.0


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Stefan Nüsperling

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