Energize People: Discover Employee Motivation & Engagement(Management 3.0 X Attuned)

Wed, 27 Feb 2019 18:45 - 21:15




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Management 3.0 Collaboration Dojo

A Joint Event of Management 3.0 and Attuned

Energize People: Discover Employee Motivation & Engagement

People are the most important parts of an organization and managers must do all they can to keep people active, creative, and motivated.
In the first part of this session you will learn about intrinsic motivation from Attuned, the leader in this field in Japan. In the second part you will experience the Management 3.0 game "Moving Motivators" and how it can help you and your team to discover and boost peoples motivation.

【This event will be mainly held in Japanese】

For whom is this event

  • HR Manager, Coaches, Leaders and everyone who is interested in people
  • People who like to learn about Management 3.0
  • Everyone who likes to know how to improve motivation and engagement


18:30 - 19:00Registration & Networking
19:00 - 19:05Welcome
19:05 - 19:20NuWorks: Management & Leadership in a complex world
19:20 - 20:00NuWorks: Motivation & Engagement Workshop
20:00 - 20:25Attuned: Know your intrinsic motivators
  • What is Intrinsic Motivation?
  • How to leverage Intrinsic Motivation to create great teams
  • How to measure Intrinsic Motivation
  • “Manage up” using Intrinsic Motivation
20:25 - 20:30Closing
20:30 - 21:15Networking
※ People who paid for the "beer bash ticket" can enjoy drinks and light snacks


Mattias Hallberg (Attuned)

Mattias Hallberg leads both Attuned and the IT organization, which are driving the company’s ongoing transformation to HR Tech, and works closely with peer organizations to advance business strategy and technology initiatives. He started his professional career in Sweden working for a startup in automotive electronics. He later found his way back to university, which led to a research position at Tokyo University. After turning back to the public sector, Mattias took up IT management positions in both IT service delivery and software development. Before joining Wahl and Case, he held a position at Rakuten, where he delivered six e-Commerce websites and headed a department with over 100 staff.

Stefan Nuesperling (NuWorks)

Stefan is a trilingual (German, English, Japanese) IT-Professional with more than 10 years of experience in Project Leadership, Change Management, Facilitation and Management 3.0. He worked with multinational enterprises in the fields of Management as well as Agile Software Development in Japan, South Korea and Germany. As a certified Scrum Master, the first licensed Management 3.0 facilitator in Japan and a Co-Owner of Management 3.0 he is keen on introducing Agile Leadership practices to Japanese organizations and believes that it will make their employees happier, the businesses more effective and customers more satisfied which is called "Sanpoyoshi" (benefit for all three stakeholders).

Arnab Gupta (NuWorks)

Management 3.0 Licensed Facilitator / CSP
NuWorks Director, Strategy&Business Development

インド生まれ、東京育ち。Management 3.0 ライセンスファシリテーター 15年間、イノベーションとアントレプレナーシップを製品、サービス、ビジネスモデルに適用し、クライアントのニーズに寄り添った提案を行う。 アジャイル、リーンスタートアップ、サービスデザイン手法のプラクティショナー&コーチ。

現在は企業研修や2日間Management 3.0 ワークショップにて、ファシリテーターを行う。



Attuned NuWorks合同会社


  • You can bring your own food and drinks
  • Inside the building is no-smoking
  • Pictures will be taken
  • The content of the event might change without announcement


Official Management 3.0 website:

Website of Jurgen Appelo, the founder of Management 3.0:

The latest book by Jurgen Appelo

Managing for Happiness at

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